Celebrating Our Sustainability Achievements in 2023

The Future’s Green with DDC Dolphin

In 2023, DDC Dolphin – a world-class leader in infection control technology - made significant progress in enhancing sustainability within its operations.

Our commitment to safeguarding patients and clinicians through sustainable solutions has led to groundbreaking achievements, even in within our own Head Office and manufacturing facility.

Over the past year, we’ve been reducing our carbon footprint, cutting costs, and increasing operational efficiencies – all of which contributes towards our overarching goal of achieving complete carbon neutrality.

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Harnessing the Power of the Sun

A major highlight of our sustainability journey in 2023 was the remarkable success of our solar panel initiative. Our solar array has generated an impressive 78,500 kWh.

This achievement means that approximately 30% of our annual energy usage now comes from renewable sources. This significant step not only underscores our commitment to green energy but also sets a benchmark for the healthcare industry in terms of operational sustainability.


Empowering Green Mobility

Further accelerating our green energy initiatives, we have installed several electrical charging points for electric and hybrid vehicles at our facilities. These charging stations are powered entirely by our solar array, further reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and promoting the use of sustainable transportation options among our staff.


Tracking and Reducing Emissions

Although monitoring the carbon emissions and diesel usage of our service vehicles has presented challenges, we are now equipped with a robust system for accurately tracking this data. Starting January 2024, we have been collecting detailed information on mileage and usage, which will enable us to forecast and implement strategies to reduce our carbon emissions. We are optimistic about achieving a 10% reduction in our carbon emissions by the end of the year.

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Innovating Our Facilities

Our new office and manufacturing facility in Poole demonstrates how sustainability is ingrained into our day-to-day work. The facility boasts nearly 300 sq. m of rooftop solar panels, capable of generating 61.56 kilowatts of power at peak output. Additional green features include:

  • Enhanced insulation to minimise energy required for heating.
  • Low energy consumption for heating, cooling, and lighting (significantly below national levels).
  • Motion-controlled lighting systems to reduce unnecessary energy use.
  • Provision of showers for cyclists to encourage active commuting.


Looking Ahead: ISO 14001 and Carbon Neutrality

As we look to the future, DDC Dolphin is excited to announce our plans to implement ISO 14001 in 2024. This step is crucial in our journey towards achieving Carbon Neutral status by 2030.

ISO 14001 will not only enhance our environmental performance but also ensure that we remain at the forefront of sustainability practices in the healthcare industry.


The progress we made in 2023 is just the beginning.

At DDC Dolphin, we’re dedicated to strengthening our sustainability commitment to health and social care. We believe that by leading by example, we can inspire change within the healthcare sector and beyond.

We look forward to announcing further milestones later in the year…


Learn More About Our Sustainability Commitments Here



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