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Planned Service & Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure: keep well-maintained sluice and dirty utility room machinery at the heart of your infection control procedure.

When running your healthcare facility, you know better than to leave infection control to chance.

Your nursing staff are scrupulous in their approach to hygiene standards, with the best possible equipment provided to assist sanitation.

When dealing with human waste, the success of your infection control procedure is truly tested; but what if there was a maintenance issue with your sluice/dirty utility room machinery? Could you ensure the safety of your patients?

If you suddenly found yourself unable to sanitise bedpans or macerate incontinence products, it could be the start of a crisis. How quickly could you repair your machinery? How much will it cost? How long will it take?

DDC Dolphin engineer working on machine2None of these are questions you want to be asking yourself – but with a 360° Service contract from DDC Dolphin, you can dramatically reduce the chance of needing to deal with a dangerous breakdown in sanitation hardware.

When you invest in service and maintenance, you’re protecting your establishment from the costs of complacency. DDC Dolphin machinery is made to the highest quality, but like all heavy-use equipment, it will require care to maximise its life expectancy and continue to provide its optimum operational standard.

Rather than paying out for spur-of-the-moment repairs, planned preventative maintenance guards your facility from unplanned expenditure, which can be extremely damaging to your budgets.


Employing a national network of engineers, DDC Dolphin ensure that any emergency support you need can be provided promptly; not only are these engineers spread around the country, but tracking technology allows the closest available resource to be rapidly identified and re-routed to minimise your equipment down time.

As part of your contract, you can also make use of expert audit-style room surveys and HTM validation of your dirty utility room installations; a great, all-round package for long-term facility planning.


Already have a maintenance contract?

Most sensible facility managers do.

However, a contract with DDC Dolphin will ensure that you can utilize our unparalleled number of engineers, who are trained to service all brands of sluice and dirty utility room equipment; including those that have been discontinued.

Using specialist engineers will result in less call-outs throughout the life of your machines, as untrained staff simply don’t have the same breadth of knowledge. As a result, our expertise can specifically focus on avoiding future issues, as opposed to waiting for hardware to break.

The cost of maintenance is undoubtedly less than the cost of reactive repairs, and with training for your staff also available as part of the contract, you can be sure that your critical machinery is receiving the ultimate TLC.

After all – when your machinery is taken care of, it’ll take care of your patients, too.

DDC Dolphin engineer working on machine

If you don’t have a service or maintenance contract for your sluice room equipment, it’s time to reconsider.

The return on investment of paying for a maintenance contract is extremely favourable, when compared to the ad-hoc cost of repairing machines that have already broken; not to mention the significant risk that your staff and patients are subjected to when an integral part of your infection control procedure goes awry.

If you choose not to use a preventative maintenance package, you are at risk of being non-compliant with health guidelines when you fall foul of a machinery breakdown; similarly, your reputation as a responsible healthcare provider will be in significant danger.

You work hard to manage infection control in your facility; don’t undo your good practice by overlooking the hidden essentials.

Find out more about the benefits of regular servicing.

Download our guide to sluice room servicing


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