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DDC Dolphin Pulpmatic Uno Medical Pulp Bedpan Macerator Front
9th Jan 2018

Washers And Macerators Are Clean

Close Up Green Bacteria
1st Jan 2018

Keeping Hygiene Front of Mind

Technical Design Of Optimised Sluice Room
31st Oct 2017

Why Is A Sluice Room Designed a Certain Way?

Doctor wearing surgical gloves treating patient with broken leg
26th Sep 2017

Can Glove Use Increase The Risk Of Infection?

DDC Dolphin Pulpmatic Ultima Medical Pulp Bedpan Macerator Filled With Pulp
1st Aug 2017

Macerator Mythbusters

Medical Waste Bins with white, yellow and red bags
26th Jun 2017

The Challenges Of Waste Management

Bedpans inside Panamatic Maxi Bedpan Washer
25th Apr 2017

Why Bedpans Are Important

DDC Dolphin working with Care Home Owners
19th Apr 2017

What Is Your Infection Control Strategy

DDC Dolphin Pulpmatic Uno Medical Pulp Bedpan Macerator With Pulp Urinal Inside
24th Feb 2017

Benefits Of A Macerator Disposal System

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