Take Advantage of Tax Relief On Infection Control Equipment Until March 2023


Save On New Bedpan Washer Disinfectors, Macerators, Vacumatic, UVMATIC 

Safeguard your care home residents, carers and visitors with new hands-free bedpan washer disinfectors, medical macerators and other infection control equipment – at 24.7% off the new price.

Why 24.7%? That’s the ‘super deduction’ saving you’ll make by claiming back tax. You can claim 130% in capital allowances (announced in the 2021 Budget).

This saving is not just for macerators and bedpan washer disinfectors. It also applies to a wide range of care home infection control equipment including:

  • Vacumatic (exclusive to DDC Dolphin in the UK) – vacuum-seals and compacts yellow/tiger/orange/black bag waste. Removes malodour, cuts waste storage and disposal costs. Also compacts and seals bed linen for enhanced infection control.  
  • UVMATIC – advanced UV air purifiers that uses photoplasma, ozone and negative ions to destroy viruses and bacteria.

See How Much A Super Deduction Could Save You

Example: care homes spending £3,000 on qualifying equipment can claim back £3,900 in capital allowances.

Based on the current 19% rate of corporation tax, that’s a saving of £741.

  • £3,000 x 130% = £3,900
  • £3,900/19% = £741 off the new price.

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